Sunday, April 18, 2010

The elephant and Indiana Jones

Yesterday, we took the boys to the circus!

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, Baby D doesn't seem to like crowds. Nor does he like to be held for long periods of time. *sigh*

So, we paid $15 (each) for my husband and I to get into the circus; kids are free with a coupon. We enter and hear that there is only standing room left on the floor. Ugh! So, with Baby D starting to get cranky and Baby R whining b/c he can't see, we settle in to watch the show.

Eventually, I have to buy Baby D a useless toy for $8 to keep him quiet. Lots of people around us were starting to give us the evil eye - "Shut that kid up!"

The toy soon began to lose its lustre so, I eventually had to take Baby D back to the car. My husband and Baby R stayed behind to watch the show.

*note that I was almost secretly glad to be back in the car b/c I had so many contractions while standing and I was so, so uncomfortable*

While Baby D bounced around the car - no joke, he launched himself from the front driver's seat into the backseat multiple times, my eldest was able to live out his dream. Baby R rode on an elephant for $5 and was able to pretend that he was Indiana Jones (his hero!). Yeah!!!!

For those of you unaware of this movie clip, check out Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Although, Baby R was upset that Indy was able to ride his elephant outdoors while Baby R's elephant-ride was restricted to indoors.

I hate that I missed this moment and unfortunately, pictures were not allowed during the show or ride. Darn it!

But, I love that Baby R was able to enjoy this. He talked about it the entire evening. This morning, when asked about the experience he said, "The elephant had big ears...that's all I could see!"

I'm so happy that we are able to provide these little moments for our kids. Believe me, as a kid growing up in WV I never experienced anything like that...especially not at age 3. The best I managed was a ride on the family mule - Jenny :) No joke! My dad would tie a piece of bailing twine around her neck and lead me around the farm.

Ah, the good 'ole days!


  1. You had a mule growing up?! I dunno, that sounds pretty cool to me! ;O)

  2. Thanks Ann! :)

    Looking back it probably was pretty cool. As an adult, it just seems kinda strange. Hehehe!