Friday, December 31, 2010

"We're having a nice dinner!"

So, I busted my ass for 10 days, cooking 3 meals a day for roughly 9 people. Don't let me fool you, I really liked doing it! I love to feed people; especially when they like it.

However, my kids basically complained the entire time and didn't eat a thing. Baby D and Baby R ran screaming from the dinner table, and even yelled "Yuck!" and "Gross!" quite a few times. Nice, huh?

However, since our guests left we've eaten takeout 3 times in a row. And at each meal, my darling Baby D says, "We're having a nice dinner!" Dinners of takeout pizza, Taco Bell, and Chinese food.

The hubby even told me tonight, "You make great food. It just isn't stuff I like."

Unrefined palettes, folks.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday menus

Good morning!

I've been laboring over this crazy menu for the past 3 days. We are having guests for the holidays and it is always so hard to meet everyone's wants/needs/likes for food - especially during the holidays.

But, I think I've done it. Yay!

I used a variety of food blogs, cookbooks, and old-standbys. See menus below...and if you have any new ones to share, please do! I love new recipes!

Sunday, Dec. 19th
D – French onion soup

Monday, Dec. 20th
B – Eggs, turkey bacon
L – potato leek soup, cheese, crackers
D – Chicken parmesan, steamed broccoli, lime yogurt cake w/blackberry sauce

Tuesday, Dec. 21st
B – toast, cereal, fruit
L – cheese quesadillas, refried beans, sour cream, salsa
D – Ground lamb burgers, yogurt, baked chipotle sweet potato fries

Wednesday, Dec. 22nd
B – toast, cereal, fruit
L – corned beef and baby swiss sandwiches, chips, carrot sticks
D – vegetable lasagna, roasted mushrooms, salad, garlic bread

Thursday, Dec. 23rd
B – toast, cereal, fruit
L - leftovers
D – Roasted thyme and lemon chicken, salad, homemade croutons, jello mold

Friday, Dec. 24th
B – toast, cereal, fruit
L – cilantro chicken salad (hollowed out tomatoes), crackers, chips
D – ham, creamy cauliflower, vanilla roasted pears

Saturday, Dec. 25th
B РCr̬me brulee French toast
L – tuna sandwiches, chips, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks/slices
D – croque monsieurs, pumpkin pie dip, apples

Sunday, Dec. 26th
B – toast, cereal, fruit
L – brazilian black beans with rice
D – roasted stuffed acorn squash, everyday chocolate cake

Monday, Dec. 27th
B – toast, cereal, fruit
L - leftovers
D – Greek meatballs, tzatziki (sauce)

Tuesday, Dec. 28th
B – eggs, bacon
L - leftovers
D – Filipino adobo chicken, rice,