Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poptarts and Paris

This weekend, Baby R had some great one-liners for us; particularly me.

After one of his naps this weekend, he came in to sit beside of me on my bed. He snuggled up to my side and rested for a few moments. Then, we had the following conversation:

Baby R: "Do you have your hair in a ponytail?"

Me: "Um, yeah."

Baby R: "Put it down now! You know I don't like your hair in ponytails, Mommy!"

Me: "Okay, crazy boy."

After a few more moments...

Me: "Is this better?"

Baby R: "Yeah, but now let me smell your hair."

After sniffing my hair, he looks at me suspiciously...

Me: "Well, what does my hair smell like?"

Baby R: "Your hair smells like poptarts."

And then he gives me the cheesiest grin ever!

The 2nd situation came when we were watching Ratatouille for the 8,000th time. I looked at Baby R and said, "When you get bigger will you take Mommy to Paris, France?"

Baby R: "No way!"

Me: "Why not?"

Baby R: "Because I don't want to go."

After a few moments of serious thinking on his part...

Baby R: "Daddy and I will drop you off at Paris and then come back and pick you up."