Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My temper and mustard

So, I'll tell you the story before my hubby does. It is not a story I'm proud of yet I continue to laugh as I think about it. I'm just weird.

Okay, earlier in the week, I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. The hubby was being particularly annoying - he was maddening, in fact. I couldn't get a word in edgewise and I could feel my temper rise.

I finally had enough so I dropped everything in my hands except a squeeze container of mustard. I ripped the cap off and squeezed about a quarter of a bottle onto my hubby.

I recognize that this isn't normal behavior - but somehow I felt so much better. *cheesy grin*

The hubby didn't take it so well. He was COVERED in mustard. It was everywhere. And then Baby R came running around the corner. He tried to stop when he caught sight of his mustard-covered dad, but his momentum carried him forward. He fell into my hubby and ended up with mustard in his hair, his shirt, and along his arm.

They both just stood in the kitchen, staring at me in horror.

I'm not proud of my behavior yet I wonder if the hubby will think twice before pissing me off again. Hmm...

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