Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The West Wing

Somebody else become a fan of this show...please!

I watch the series on DVD almost every day (thank you ST for buying me the entire series).

But, I need someone else to love this show as much as I do so I can chat with them about it. My ST leaves the room as soon as he hears the opening sequence.

I am enamored of the men on this show - Leo, Toby, Joshua, Charlie. These guys are amazing. I love these characters. In fact, Baby A was almost a "Joshua."

Just watch the show already! You can catch re-runs on Bravo.


  1. Sorry! I've never seen it! And our cable is getting cut today so I definitely won't see it now. But, for the record, I like August better than Joshua!

  2. Hehe! Thanks Ann! :)

    And I'm really proud of your budget decision - ex. removing cable. You're a trooper, and a much better woman than me!!!

  3. We must! In order to continue to stay at home, we are going to make some big sacrifices to get out of the debt we are in. I am hoping that J. will feel much better about having a 3rd in a few years if we can get ourselves in a much, much better position financially.