Sunday, October 17, 2010

The time of year for birthdays

Okay, I haven't posted in the longest time. I have so much to talk about...recent family losses, new job, selling our house, etc.

But, I'm really not emotionally prepared to talk about any of those things :)

Instead, I'll talk about what I'm going to get the boys for their birthdays.

Baby R turns 4 on November 13th. I bought him a leather jacket from Target - he wanted a "brown jacket." He's such a little fashionista! I am also buying him "Shark in the Dark." They listen to this at school and he recites it at home (scary voice and all!). Unfortunately, the audio CD isn't available anymore through amazon. Darn it!

Baby D turns 2 on October 29th and I'm torn between books and toys for him. He really loves books so that seems like the better plan!  I'm going to keep searching for him.

My other item - for me and others! - is that I need to buy empty bottles with screw tops or corks. I'm making limoncello and orangecello in the basement. And I need to bottle it, with a simple syrup, and give them away as gifts this Christmas. I'm so excited about these!

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