Sunday, August 1, 2010

I want to get in trouble

Okay, so I've always been the good girl. I was always home by curfew (really I only went out a handful of times), I never smoked cigarettes...I was kinda dweeby!

But, now I'm almost 32...and I wanna do something bad. I want to get in trouble!!!

I want to jump into my shopping cart at the supermarket and sail down the aisles. I want to stand up and sing a dirty song in the middle of a meeting. I want to sneak candy into a movie theatre...just because they say I can't. I want to cut the tags off my mattress. I want to eat raw cookie dough; lots of it!

I want to have a drink before 5pm. I want to eat dessert before dinner, and sometimes I want to tell the kids, "Forget those veggies. Let's have banana splits!"

I want to walk around in 4-inch heels and refer to them as my "hooker shoes." I want to ALWAYS cut the crusts from my PB&Js...and be proud of it!

I want to put a huge layer of butter on my toast in the mornings, and grin while I eat it because I know how bad it is for me.

I want to give crude comebacks to evil people. "Suck it!"

What is going on??? I've never been like this before.

Maybe I'm just happy. :)


  1. I still cut off my crust off PB sandwiches! Timmy rolls his eyes at me when I do it. I also don't recycle plastic, and I am filling up the landfills with diapers that will take years to biodegrade. I also haven't scrubbed my tub in awhile. I would love to be present when you tell someone to "Suck it!".

  2. I thought I was the only one who was in her early 30's who has never smoked a cigarette!!

    And you have to let the kids have ice cream for dinner at least once a year!

    And I too fantasize about telling certain snotty, arrogant people to suck it (and I do so without actually telling them on my blog by writing my rants).

  3. I have also been thinking more and more that I want to get a tattoo. I was thinking maybe my kids' names in very small cursive letters on the inside of my left wrist....I seriously think about it all of the time.

    P.S. Remind me sometime and I'll tell you the really "bad" thing I want to do with James (and it has nothing to do with sex).

  4. Ladies - you are great!!!! Thanks for the validation!

    @Michelle - I will try to give you advance notice before I yell, "Suck it!" to anyone. Hahaha!

    @Ann - I cannot wait to hear the really "bad" thing. You've totally piqued my curiosity. And I seriously love the idea of a tattoo.

    As a side note, last year I seriously thought about going blonde. This year, I think I'd like a belly button ring. I know...totally not the mom-Sarah :)

  5. Had you had these feelings 12 years ago, we would be bff. To have them now seems reasonable. You may not be in the best place for this madness, but you clearly need to carve yourself some time to do some dirt.